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Our COO, Simon Bitton, comes to CBS as a proven leader in the industry with extensive experience working in billing and all aspects of long-term care administration. Simon has worked both with SNF owners and as a service provider to the industry. He combines this deep experience and understanding with first-class leadership skills to make CBS a service-first business and help SNF owners attain financial success.
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After earning a BS in business and MS in accounting from Fairleigh Dickinson University, Joseph started his career in healthcare at Apex Global Solutions, advancing quickly into high-level administrative roles at Centers Healthcare and Sapphire Care Group. In his current role at CBS, Joseph is the visionary of the company, using his vast knowledge in healthcare to help the company grow in all directions. Joseph supervises the marketing department and is responsible for both business development and client satisfaction. An avid sportsman, Joseph is often occupied with charity sporting events. He is also an accomplished and sought-after singer.
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VP of FinanceSteven Krischer

Steven Krischer is the superlative Vice President of Finance at CBS, having previously served as Senior Accountant at Apex Global Solutions and as AR manager at Dialyze Direct. He holds a BS in Public Accounting & Business Management and Finance from CUNY Brooklyn College and has worked in the healthcare industry for 10 years. Steven is meticulous in all of his work and exhibits excellent leadership qualities, offering his support and encouragement to staff and clients alike.
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ControllerEli Moskowitz

Eli Moskowitz earned his accounting degree from Touro College and subsequently worked in the accounting department at Champion Care for 3 years before moving to his present position as Controller at CBS in 2021. Eli presents monthly financial reports to clients that are lucid and engaging, and works alongside outside accountants on cost reports, audits, and taxes, among other financials.
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Payroll DirectorSteve Gellis

Steve Gellis is a highly accomplished Director of Payroll with many years of experience in the field. He has a passion for servicing his clients and a dedication to the well-being of healthcare professionals, making Steve a well-known and respected authority in payroll management. His expertise lies in streamlining processes, identifying inefficiencies, implementing advanced payroll software, and fostering a collaborative and pleasant work environment. Beyond his professional achievements, Steve cherishes time spent with family and friends.
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AP SupervisorToby Deutsch

Our lead AP Supervisor, Toby Deutsch, is the go-to person responsible for overseeing the Accounts Payable (AP) department at Centralized Business Services (CBS). She is well-known and widely lauded for her energetic and positive attitude and works closely with AP representatives to ensure that all processes run smoothly. Toby strives to assure client satisfaction, achieved through building strong relationships with the vendors and department heads at the facilities. After initially joining CBS in 2021 as Treasury Manager, her value was spotted almost immediately and she soon after transitioned into her present position to the great benefit of our firm. Her personal motto: "If you love what you do, success will follow!"
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Purchasing DirectorJoe Treitel

Joe is an experienced purchaser with a multi-year history of working in the nursing home and healthcare industry, including in administrative roles. Alongside being detail oriented and skilled in negotiation, Joe excels in customer service and leadership. He most enjoys helping his team complete crucial tasks that benefit clients in important ways.
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